There are many benefits to painting the exterior of your home in Florida. The first is curb appeal to really stand out and add that “wow” factor that is not only important for the way you feel pulling up to your own home, but also for the look that raises value and appreciation from your neighbors. Painting your homes exterior adds value not just because the way it looks. Value is also added because you are improving the integrity of the exterior finish. Pressure washing and removing dirt, loose paint, mold, and algae is a must prior to painting. This will ensure a clean surface for bonding purposes and overall finish. We use a 3-coat process on our exterior paint jobs. The first coat is done with a product called Loxon. Loxon is tinted towards the color selected for the home. It is then sprayed on the walls, soffits, and fascia. Loxon a is a conditioner and primer. It helps to prevent moisture from penetrating the stucco and block walls and ensures a lasting paint job. After applying the Loxon product we finish with two coats of Florida approved paint. Using a material made to withstand the harsh Florida elements is important to the longevity of the finish. The products we use have a limited lifetime warranty. With proper application of these material the finish on your home will last for decades.